Bathrobe History

We love bathrobes.  We hope you do too.  Some interesting facts about bathrobes are listed below.  We hope you like them.

The bathrobe started as a ceremonial robe used in ancient traditions. Bathrobes formally known as “dressing gowns” are dated back to the late 17th to early 19th century and resembled the oriental robe the “kimono.” Many people like judges and mainly men wore robes generally with some type of mono gram sewn on the upper left corner of the chest. Back then women of wealth wore robes for everything in their homes, entertaining guests and very popular with celebrity women.

Robes have gradually transitioned into what we now call bathrobes. People generally wear robes when getting out of the bath or shower and some even after swimming. They can be used to keep you warm during cold winter nights and now come in different fabrics, print and styles.

There are many things terry cloth is used for and one of the main things is bath towels. Terry cloth is also used in athletic materials and for bathrobes. It is made from linens and cotton and it is very heavy, thick, and absorbent.  Englishman Henry Christie, sent his brother a handmade cloth with loops on the upper surface otherwise known as terry toweling. This type of fabric is produced by weaving or knitting. Depending on the loops used the fabric can be adjusted in thickness.
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